Thursday, May 5, 2011

A little chit chat about Chitter Chatter

Welcome today to Cori Blunt!

Creating Chitter Chatter.
It all started with this......

Chitter Chatter Designs, born in 2007 with the introduction of "ANT"titde is my cute little applique pattern business. I am Cori Blunt, the lady behind all of this chitter chatter. I live in a tiny little house in Saratoga Springs overlooking beautiful Utah Lake. I love it here in Utah and I am currently devoted to raising a family of five little ones with my husband. That is no easy task these days! Finding an outlet to create was just the thing I needed for some sanity in my life.
I love applique, and learned to applique while watching an episode of "Simply Quilts" one morning while cleaning up breakfast. I have always been drawn to appliqued quilts, and found the method demonstrated by Sue Garman just my cup of tea. After tweeking it just a bit, I found a way to keep my hands busy ever since.
Applique has become my life. I am seldom found without a project. I find applique perfectly suited to my busy life at the moment because of it's portability. Kids are running around in so many directions that it helps me to have a focus, and a reason for indulging a passion of mine, while attending to my calling of a mother.
My style is fresh and light hearted. I draw most of my inspiration from my family. I have a child-like look to most of my patterns based on my passion for nursery rhymes. My favorite colors to quilt with are red and white. I love the crisp look of this combination and use it quite often in my designs.
I have been busily preparing for Spring Quilt Market along with all of the other designers here at All Dolled Up. One of my newest creations is this little cutie called Take a Bike!

I have also been working on a major project for me, which is this....

Rosie Tweet, a block of the month pattern collection. I can tell you from experience, a great amount of work goes into a block of the month program! Roses and blue birds are the theme of this quilt. Luckily I finished it up just in time to display at market!
A big THANK YOU to Amanda Herring of the Quitled Fish for getting all of us designers together for this wonderful project. You can see all of my new market introductions, and my free block design at; or you can visit my to find out more about my patterns.


a little bit biased said...

OK That button over there that says "8 days, 13 hours, 27 minutes and 55 seconds" until Quilt Market is FREAKING me out!!! Sorry. OK, I just wanted to tell you that bicycle pillow is ADORABLE. I LOVE it! And the BOM quilt is amazing. You do beautiful work. Can't wait to see you at Market! Good luck!

Amber Johnson
Gigi's Thimble

QuiltSoup said...

I would know your stuff from a mile away...always terrific and original!

Madame Samm said...

Hellooooooo sweetie...well I could not agree more, your amazing stitches are one of kind over the top shining as bright as you ....