Monday, April 25, 2011

Who doesn't like pie?

Pie Plate Patterns Design Company started kind of by accident. Brenda was teaching a community ed. quilting class. One of her students got really into it and they started teaching classes together. Some of their students asked if they could design a wall hanging and table runner for each month of the year. This small request turned into a two year endeavor. They decided from there that they should market these patterns and that's how it all began. About two years later, Brenda's partner had some changes in her life and Brenda's daughter, Bonnie, became Brenda's new partner. Since then, they've published two books of layer cake friendly patterns, four seasonal books that include the original wall hanging and table runner patterns, a No-Sew booklet fe
aturing a new technique, and several other individual patterns. They've traveled to all parts of the state of Utah, to Wyoming, Indiana and Ohio doing trunk shows, book signings and teaching classes.

Brenda is a mother of 7 and grandmother of 15. She is the ultimate homemaker as she can do EVERYTHING! She truly has made do with what she's had for the past 38+ years of married life and is always eager to serve others. She enjoys watching sports, detective shows, playing games and spending time with her family.
Bonnie is the 4th of Alan and Brenda's children, and likes being the 'middle child'. She enjoys playing piano, guitar and singing. She also likes sports and loves to play volleyball with her sisters.

Bonnie and Brenda love what they do and are eager to help others in their quilting endeavors. Because of this desire, they started doing video tutorials called "Tutorial Tuesdays" that are available on their website. Each week they add a new one to 'facilitate the success of others'.


Shannon said...

I love these two ladies. They are both very talented and I am glad I can call them my friends. Way to go Brenda and Bonnie. Can't wait to see your block. I know it will be fantastic. See you at market.

QuiltSoup said...

You look familiar to me. I will look forward to seeing you and your wonderful things at market.