Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ingrid and Freddie's Friends

Hello! My name is Ingrid Pinto and I design sewing patterns for softie toys. I am brand new to this industry and I can’t tell you how many wonderful, kind people I have met that have welcomed me and showed me the ropes. Thank you!! I had no idea how big this world of quilting, fabric and sewing was. I am so happy and excited to be here! Needless to say, this is my first Quilt Market. I have heard so many exciting and fun things and feel privileged to be a part of this wonderful event.

A little about me… I work as a Dental Hygienist and love it but let me tell ya’ that there is not an ounce of creativity that goes into my repetitive day scraping teeth. As an outlet I started sewing up fun little friends for my son. I have always loved fabric, color, design and sewing. It is such a relief to be able to have a creative outlet after my long days at work. I also love seeing my son and his excitement when I finish something new for him. Since I started doing this I have written and designed four patterns that I love and hope other people will love making for their favorite little people. I can’t wait to meet you all at Market!!!


QuiltSoup said...

Tons of fun! Looking forward to meeting you at market.

a little bit biased said...

Oh I love the lion! He's so cute. I haven't seen him yet, but we have some of your other creations displayed where I work (Just Sew in Highland, UT). Can't wait to meet you at Market.

~Amber Johnson
Gigi's Thimble

JEllen said...

so cute. i love them all.

Samantha Walker said...

So cute and creative!