Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do you have a creative side?

Here's Amy from Amy's Creative Side!

I'm a wife and mom first, and so when I started blogging and realized the fast pace of the creative community, and my family life, I started designing my own quilts! My quilts are simple and interesting, and perfect for all the modern, bold fabrics that I am drawn too.Most notable work to date, is my new book Modern Basics: Easy Quilts to Fit Your Budget, Space and Style. Modern Basics is chalk full with 14 patterns great for new quilters, or the more experienced quilter looking to try something new. I also included tips to help the busiest quilter to find time to quilt!
My blog, Amy's Creative Side is my daily outlet for inspiration, fabric and my current projects. I also love to encourage the online quilting community and host the Bloggers' Quilt Festival twice a year. This is a free, online festival available to anyone that wants to participate, and it can easily be enjoyed in jammies! The next one is coming up mid-May, I hope you will stop by and be inspired by all the quilters!


QuiltSoup said...

What a clean style you have. Right up my alley. Looking forward to meeting you at market!