Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are YOU biased?

I'm Amber Johnson. I've been quilting for about 13 years now. Right after I got married in '98, I spontaneously asked my grandma to teach me how to quilt. She was ecstatic (as I was the only other person in the entire family who ever showed any interest in it). She taught me all of the basics, from finding good quality fabrics, to making my corners match, to doing a proper binding with mitered corners. It seemed like it took FOREVER (probably 3 years), but I finally finished that quilt! After that, it was smooth sailing, and I've been quilting like crazy ever since! In 2009, I started my pattern business, Gigi's Thimble (which is named after her). I've been blogging about my quilting journey along the way, too. I'd love for you to stop by and visit at:http://alittlebitbiased.blogspot.com.

On a little more of a personal level ~ I'm a thirtysomething gal filled with lots of sugar and lots of spice. I grew up in the Northwest and attended school out here in Utah, where I met my cute husband and we now have two cute kids. I work at a fabric store, I'm completely addicted to quilting, I have a major sweet tooth (I try to run 12-15 miles a week to curb off all of the sweets), I love God and church, family, decorating and my guilty pleasure is watching The Bachelor every Monday night with my hubby (we haven't missed an episode since it started!).
I'd say my quilting, style is traditional with a fresh twist. I hope to appeal to new and old quilters alike with my patterns.
My latest creation, Mod Meadow, combines simple piecing with easy machine applique:

This is the first Market I will have ever been to, so I am SUPER excited. I'm freaking out (almost to the point of anxiety) but really excited all the same! I think the part I'm the most excited about is meeting some of my idols in the biz, like Joanna Figueroa and Camille Roskelley (and going to Sample Spree ~ I can't wait to witness the madness first hand!). It's going to be a blast and it's such a privilege to go. I hope to meet many more of you in May!


QuiltSoup said...

Market will be tons of fun and you will never look back!