Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Doll Blocks

Hello again! I have uploaded more of the doll block instructions, and for the ease of publishing and to save all of the loading time for you, I am just going to give you a link to the instructions. I will continue to upload the rest as they become available!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doll Template

Here is the template that is used for each doll block. Each designer positioned the arms in their own way, so be sure to refer to their block instructions and image for more direction.

New Paper Doll

Block Instructions

Hello! Here is the beginning of the instructions. I will continue to post more as they become available.

Thankfully Sew

Scraps of Time

Rose Cottage 2

Rose Cottage 1

RGA Designs 1

Quilt Soup

Pine Mountain Designs

Pie Plate Patterns

Moose on the Porch Swirl Border

Mary's Cottage Quilts

Jina Barney Designz

Green Fairy Quilts 2

Green Fairy Quilts 1

Fresh Cut Quilts 2

Fresh Cut Quilts 1

Cute Quilt Patterns

Abbey Lane

Friday, May 20, 2011

Slide Show!

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Block instructions

Hello Everyone!

What a wonderful market!!! We hope that you had a wonderful time participating in our event. We sure had a lot of fun meeting you! The winners of the two quilts have been drawn and I will post those later tonight. I will also be posting the doll block instructions as well as a slide show of all of the finished blocks. We will be drawing the remaining 30 winners this weekend! Woot! I apologize for the delay in getting all of this done. I needed a recovery week!!!

Thanks again!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mary Quite Contrary

Hi, my name is Mary Cowan I have a quilt pattern company called Mary’s Cottage Quilts. It is named after my family cottage in upstate New York. I am originally from Rochester, New York but have called Utah home for about 22 years now.

I began quilting about 19 years ago when my husband made a huge mistake and surprised me with the book Quilts, Quilts, Quilts (he is still kicking himself) I studied that book so carefully and wanted to make every quilt in there. I started taking classes at a local quilt shop and I was hooked! I think it is so important to take classes when you are a beginner, that way you can learn from other people and get some great instruction so you won’t make a lot of mistakes and get discouraged and give up.

I started working at a local quilt shop and really learned a ton about the whole quilt making process. It was about that time when I started designing my own patterns too. Marilyn, at Elaine’s Quilt Block gave me my “big break” when she bought 6 of my very first pattern – I thought that was the coolest thing ever! From there the whole pattern making experience just evolved into Mary’s Cottage Quilts. I have about 82 patterns that are all available on the website www.maryscottagequilts.com.

I have a book debuting at Spring Market called COLORFUL STASH BUSTERS and I am so excited to share all of the quilts in the book with you! They will all be on display in my booth # 1742 at market!!

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree specializing in graphic design from the Rochester Institute of Technology. I love to combine a couple of simple blocks and watch the secondary pattern that is created when two blocks “touch”.

I think my first love is color!! I love the bright colors but as soon as I say that, I’ll find a Civil War reproduction fabric or a soft pink or two that I just have to have!! I don’t really stick to one color scheme or theme but I do have my favorites – red & yellow would be right up there!

It is a great feeling to create a quilt pattern that other quilters can get excited about and want to make for their family. I feel that if I can get others excited to choose fabric and make something that can be a family heirloom to them then I have succeeded in my goal.

Please stop by and visit me in my booth # 1742. You will be able to see all the quilts from my book along with some new patterns and I would love to meet all of you!


I will also be having a giveaway on my blog www.maryscottagequilts.blogspot.com very soon so stay tuned!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lila, L-I-L-A, Lila!

Hello fellow fabric lovers!

My name is Lila Tueller, and I am a fabric designer with Riley Blake. I also have a pattern company featuring clothing and accessory sewing patterns for adults, and now for youth and children as well!

I do love color! I am always attracted to the bold and bright, but also love softly muted tones. I love contrast and complimentary, light with dark, raw with smooth. My fabrics are intended to make one happier by viewing them!

I am excited to be exhibiting at the Quilt Market this spring in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is right down the freeway from my hometown. I will be right near the Riley Blake "metropolis" booth, so I hope if you are planning on attending, you will come on over to visit me!

I have new patterns and new fabrics this spring, all of which I hope you will be excited to see! My new fabric line is called Lola's Posies, after my little granddaughter Lola. It is bright and whimsical, full of wonder and delight! The colors range from raspberry and oranges to salmon pinks, to seawater blues and greens.

You can visit my blog at Lilatuellerdesigns.blogspot.com to see what I am doing and what inspires me. I always love to hear from my readers, and love to get to know them and what they are interested in. I have made many new friends that I treasure through the blog. I hope you will come and say hello!

Thanks for reading!


PS: The picture of the little baby is my "Lola" wearing a little skirt I made from my Lola's Posies strike-offs. Isn't she a sweetie pie?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A little chit chat about Chitter Chatter

Welcome today to Cori Blunt!

Creating Chitter Chatter.
It all started with this......

Chitter Chatter Designs, born in 2007 with the introduction of "ANT"titde is my cute little applique pattern business. I am Cori Blunt, the lady behind all of this chitter chatter. I live in a tiny little house in Saratoga Springs overlooking beautiful Utah Lake. I love it here in Utah and I am currently devoted to raising a family of five little ones with my husband. That is no easy task these days! Finding an outlet to create was just the thing I needed for some sanity in my life.
I love applique, and learned to applique while watching an episode of "Simply Quilts" one morning while cleaning up breakfast. I have always been drawn to appliqued quilts, and found the method demonstrated by Sue Garman just my cup of tea. After tweeking it just a bit, I found a way to keep my hands busy ever since.
Applique has become my life. I am seldom found without a project. I find applique perfectly suited to my busy life at the moment because of it's portability. Kids are running around in so many directions that it helps me to have a focus, and a reason for indulging a passion of mine, while attending to my calling of a mother.
My style is fresh and light hearted. I draw most of my inspiration from my family. I have a child-like look to most of my patterns based on my passion for nursery rhymes. My favorite colors to quilt with are red and white. I love the crisp look of this combination and use it quite often in my designs.
I have been busily preparing for Spring Quilt Market along with all of the other designers here at All Dolled Up. One of my newest creations is this little cutie called Take a Bike!

I have also been working on a major project for me, which is this....

Rosie Tweet, a block of the month pattern collection. I can tell you from experience, a great amount of work goes into a block of the month program! Roses and blue birds are the theme of this quilt. Luckily I finished it up just in time to display at market!
A big THANK YOU to Amanda Herring of the Quitled Fish for getting all of us designers together for this wonderful project. You can see all of my new market introductions, and my free block design at www.creativityamongstchaos.blogspot.com; or you can visit my websitewww.chitterchatterdesigns.com to find out more about my patterns.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Holt the phone...

We are excited to introduce you to Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet.....

I grew up in a small town on a small farm in a quilting and sewing family.
I loved to spend most of my time climbing trees and riding on tractors or herding the sheep. I really just loved being outdoors among the flowers, pastures and farm animals.
Most of my neighbors consisted of my grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins so we are a very close family and I consider myself very lucky.
All of my designs are inspired by all things vintage, my family and my childhood memories.
I come by my creativity honestly as I was surrounded by everything made on our own. We were a very self sufficient bunch. At our home..if we needed it...we grew it or built it.

By profession...my father was a mechanical engineer and a rocket scientist. He also grew very large gardens and took care of our farm. He was always fixing or designong or building something and as a young girl i often played at his desk with graph paper and special rulers for design...I still play with both of these almost every day!
My mother says I was practically born with a needle in my hand and that I was her creative, happy go lucky child. She says that from a very early age she could tell that my whole world revolved around drawing, nature, color and design.
As a baby I would lay on my great grandmothers double wedding ring quilt that she had made for my mother as a wedding gift... and i would just stare at the fabric and pet it.
She also said i refused to wear any hairbands or barrettes unless they were the perfect color match to my clothes...something that she wondered why i was so stubborn about.
The first 4 children in my family were girls of which i am the youngest...however later 4 brothers and 2 more sisters came along!

My mother sewed most of our clothes and she also was inspired to turn us first four girls into a singing group called "The Sisters 4"...and sewed us several matching costumes to wear when we performed.
Most of our other dresses that she sewed for us were matching and because i was the youngest...i had to wear the hand me downs and it seemed like i wore the same dress forever!!!
Both of my grandmothers along with my mother taught me how to sew, embroidery, crochet and quilt when i was very young. It seemed we always had a quilt on the frames in my house of my grandmothers house.
Both of my grandmothers have been an inspiration to much of my work and i feel lucky to still have both of them in my life...one at the age of 96 and one at 98.

I married my childhood sweetheart after graduating high school and we have been married 30 years. we have been blessed with 2 sons and a daughter and also a grandaughter!
I have been designing for 28 years....I established my quilt pattern company called Bee in my Bonnet in 1994....before that I designed Tole Painting books for Provo Craft for 12 years. I am so excited to now be designing fabric...my first love according to my mother!

I love working with Riley Blake and I am so happy to be a part of thier design team.
When I am not quilting....I love to decorate my home with my vintage finds...i still love the outdoors and being in my garden growing vegetables, flowers and old roses. I enjoy camping and fishing with my family in our old trailer.
I love good music and to read good books..and i pretty much love to craft just about anything that keeps my hands busy! I enjoy being in my studio every day and I never run out of ideas or get tired of creating.
I also love being in kitchen with my family and in the sewing room with my daughter.
I am especially fond of my friends and of our quilting retreats and get togethers.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Meet Samantha Walker

A little about me:
I suspect that I was born with a box of crayons in my mouth. I have been coloring, drawing, painting and creating for as long as I can remember. I was formally educated at BYU and received a BFA in Illustration Design. I feel lucky to have a variety of design opportunities to challenge my thirst for trying new things. You can find my designs and illustrations on fabric for Riley Blake Designs, scrapbook products for Creative Imaginations, home decor for VIP International (Rodworks), rubber stamps for Unity Stamp Co as well as digital (Silhouette America) and manual cutting dies for Spellbinders.

I'm just a girl who loves pretty things, and bright fun color combos. I have a soft spot for anything funky and sometimes a little punky (probably my 80's teen years coming back to taunt me.) One of my favorite pastimes is shopping at second hand stores where I get excited to find one of a kind treasures. I swoon over vintage clothes, and retro toys. I adore trinkets that remind me of a happy past. My designs can't help but reflect my loves as they are little pieces of me.

I am thrilled to be designing fabric for Riley Blake Designs. It's been a dream of mine to enter into the field of fabric design and I'm loving every minute of it--the people at Riley Blake are fabulous! I figured with designing fabric, it was high time I learned to sew. I've always had a great admiration for those that do, and I can see that it is extremely beneficial to know how sewers think when putting together my fabric collections. I have to admit that I was rather intimidated to learn at first, but I think my sewing friends have gotten me hooked, and it's now at the top of my hobby list. I'm sharing with you the Easter Dress that I made for my little girl this year out of my Wanna Be a Cowboy 1 and
2 collections as well as green tone on tone for My Mind's Eye Quite Contrary. It was so fun to see her wear it with a smile on her face. The pattern is Feliz designed by Nancy Langdon. I modified the dress a bit by adding the top pink ruffle to the bodice and the scalloped green ruffle at the bottom. The applique designs are mine. Applique design has been my favorite part of sewing as I love designing silhouetted shapes, and I adore how they can be so stunning when they are cut out of a pretty fabric. This new found interest has sparked an idea to put together some applique patterns in the future for fun little projects. I hope that is something I will be sharing with you very soon.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Colorful fun!

Emily Taylor is a designer that loves bold color! That would explain the robin egg blue walls in her new office, a recent project in her home. Speaking of home, that is the best part of being a designer for Riley Blake Designs says Emily. She loves being a mother to her 3 children, and wants to be accessible to them. With that in mind, Emily has created a nook in her basement studio for her daughter's scrapbook projects, allowing them to spend creative time together. As you can see from the recent photos of her studio, it is getting used frequently (and not cleaned up) as Emily gets ready for the quilt market.

Her new fabric line that Riley Blake Designs will be introducing is "Pirates!"-- a tribute to her son who is mad about pirates. In addition to fabric design, Emily is now offering her own quilt and sewing patterns, including this "Pirate Pack", and "X Marks the Spot" quilt/growth chart.

She also designs digital scrapbook kits for MyMemories. The great part of that work is that her daughter is her best customer and advisor in the scrapbook world, and helps by giving feedback on designs as well as using the designs for her own projects!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are YOU biased?

I'm Amber Johnson. I've been quilting for about 13 years now. Right after I got married in '98, I spontaneously asked my grandma to teach me how to quilt. She was ecstatic (as I was the only other person in the entire family who ever showed any interest in it). She taught me all of the basics, from finding good quality fabrics, to making my corners match, to doing a proper binding with mitered corners. It seemed like it took FOREVER (probably 3 years), but I finally finished that quilt! After that, it was smooth sailing, and I've been quilting like crazy ever since! In 2009, I started my pattern business, Gigi's Thimble (which is named after her). I've been blogging about my quilting journey along the way, too. I'd love for you to stop by and visit at:http://alittlebitbiased.blogspot.com.

On a little more of a personal level ~ I'm a thirtysomething gal filled with lots of sugar and lots of spice. I grew up in the Northwest and attended school out here in Utah, where I met my cute husband and we now have two cute kids. I work at a fabric store, I'm completely addicted to quilting, I have a major sweet tooth (I try to run 12-15 miles a week to curb off all of the sweets), I love God and church, family, decorating and my guilty pleasure is watching The Bachelor every Monday night with my hubby (we haven't missed an episode since it started!).
I'd say my quilting, style is traditional with a fresh twist. I hope to appeal to new and old quilters alike with my patterns.
My latest creation, Mod Meadow, combines simple piecing with easy machine applique:

This is the first Market I will have ever been to, so I am SUPER excited. I'm freaking out (almost to the point of anxiety) but really excited all the same! I think the part I'm the most excited about is meeting some of my idols in the biz, like Joanna Figueroa and Camille Roskelley (and going to Sample Spree ~ I can't wait to witness the madness first hand!). It's going to be a blast and it's such a privilege to go. I hope to meet many more of you in May!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Who doesn't like pie?

Pie Plate Patterns Design Company started kind of by accident. Brenda was teaching a community ed. quilting class. One of her students got really into it and they started teaching classes together. Some of their students asked if they could design a wall hanging and table runner for each month of the year. This small request turned into a two year endeavor. They decided from there that they should market these patterns and that's how it all began. About two years later, Brenda's partner had some changes in her life and Brenda's daughter, Bonnie, became Brenda's new partner. Since then, they've published two books of layer cake friendly patterns, four seasonal books that include the original wall hanging and table runner patterns, a No-Sew booklet fe
aturing a new technique, and several other individual patterns. They've traveled to all parts of the state of Utah, to Wyoming, Indiana and Ohio doing trunk shows, book signings and teaching classes.

Brenda is a mother of 7 and grandmother of 15. She is the ultimate homemaker as she can do EVERYTHING! She truly has made do with what she's had for the past 38+ years of married life and is always eager to serve others. She enjoys watching sports, detective shows, playing games and spending time with her family.
Bonnie is the 4th of Alan and Brenda's children, and likes being the 'middle child'. She enjoys playing piano, guitar and singing. She also likes sports and loves to play volleyball with her sisters.

Bonnie and Brenda love what they do and are eager to help others in their quilting endeavors. Because of this desire, they started doing video tutorials called "Tutorial Tuesdays" that are available on their website. Each week they add a new one to 'facilitate the success of others'.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ingrid and Freddie's Friends

Hello! My name is Ingrid Pinto and I design sewing patterns for softie toys. I am brand new to this industry and I can’t tell you how many wonderful, kind people I have met that have welcomed me and showed me the ropes. Thank you!! I had no idea how big this world of quilting, fabric and sewing was. I am so happy and excited to be here! Needless to say, this is my first Quilt Market. I have heard so many exciting and fun things and feel privileged to be a part of this wonderful event.

A little about me… I work as a Dental Hygienist and love it but let me tell ya’ that there is not an ounce of creativity that goes into my repetitive day scraping teeth. As an outlet I started sewing up fun little friends for my son. I have always loved fabric, color, design and sewing. It is such a relief to be able to have a creative outlet after my long days at work. I also love seeing my son and his excitement when I finish something new for him. Since I started doing this I have written and designed four patterns that I love and hope other people will love making for their favorite little people. I can’t wait to meet you all at Market!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do you have a creative side?

Here's Amy from Amy's Creative Side!

I'm a wife and mom first, and so when I started blogging and realized the fast pace of the creative community, and my family life, I started designing my own quilts! My quilts are simple and interesting, and perfect for all the modern, bold fabrics that I am drawn too.Most notable work to date, is my new book Modern Basics: Easy Quilts to Fit Your Budget, Space and Style. Modern Basics is chalk full with 14 patterns great for new quilters, or the more experienced quilter looking to try something new. I also included tips to help the busiest quilter to find time to quilt!
My blog, Amy's Creative Side is my daily outlet for inspiration, fabric and my current projects. I also love to encourage the online quilting community and host the Bloggers' Quilt Festival twice a year. This is a free, online festival available to anyone that wants to participate, and it can easily be enjoyed in jammies! The next one is coming up mid-May, I hope you will stop by and be inspired by all the quilters!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sew Thankful!

Thankfully Sew, LLC is a pattern company owned by Terry Griffin and was born a little over a year ago.
Our designs currently focus on unique quilts, wall hangings & hand bags. We have a range of quilt and wall hanging patterns from the most simplistic piecing and appliqué to the somewhat challenging applications. Our hand bags are really fun, yet very functional and make an attractive statement. All of our patterns are one-of-a-kind and will give any quilter a fun and impressive project.
Terry's love for fabric and quilting began long before Thankfully Sew, LLC was started. She was raised in a small town in southern New Mexico where the lone-church cultural hall was always filled with quilts (unless there was a square dance or May Pole) as well as the area's wonderful women who loved quilting and sharing their life stories. Her grandmother, great-grandmother and a village of “aunts" patiently gave much of their time and talents teaching the younger generation to ‘thankfully sew’! She spent many hours in her younger years sitting in a 4-H class or getting ready for the "Cotton Extravaganza", for which she is now very thankful. She was one of the lucky ones who actually enjoyed the challenge and learning process and also loved the feeling of accomplishment she got from each project she completed. Since then, she has sewn many, many miles on her machine for children, family, friends, and now grandchildren.

In 2005 her son Ryan was critically injured resulting in a move to Utah. Since he needs 24/7 care, she needed something to keep herself engaged so she started sharing her love of quilting thru Thankfully Sew, LLC. She is the very proud wife of a fantastic husband, mother of four beautiful children (two sons, two daughters), two magnificent son in laws, one suburb daughter in law, and seven (with two more on the way) wonderful and brilliant grandchildren. It has been wonderful for her to share one of her greatest joys and she hopes to continue doing so for a very long time. So you can see why she is continually “Thankfully Sew"ing!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Want to hear a story?

Hi everyone! We are so excited to be participating in this great event from Riley Blake and the great Amanda Herring!! It is really an honor and so fun to be with all these great Utah designers, we are looking forward to meeting so many of you in person at our very first market in just a handful of weeks, eek!

Heather and I (Megan) are sisters. A few years ago we were both pregnant, due just one week apart and we just discovered Nadine's shop Material Girls Quilts in Sandy Utah. That opened our eyes to a whole new world of actually cute quilts!! We become obsessed, quickly seeking the help of our quilting aunt. Not too long after we decided we wanted to design quilt patterns and we finally got bold enough to try for market when it was in our home state.

Our approach with our quilt patterns is using a lot of traditional designs, paired with modern fabrics and applique. We love to design for baby and for the home. You can see some of our patterns here, and we also have quite a few that will be premiering at market!

This HST quilt we offer a free tutorial for on our blog, Quilt Story.

We also have a tutorial for this darling Dutch Pinwheel Quilt.

Mod Tweet Quilt PDF Pattern, bird and tree

Mod Tweet is one of our newest patterns, perfect for baby, and easily can work for boy or girl.

Gaggle of Geese PDF Quilt Pattern

Gaggle of Geese is a great example of traditionally piecing with a modern flair.

We have two blogs, Quilt Story and Fresh Poppy Design and we'd love for you to stop by and say hi. We have about 7 or 8 new patterns that we'll be offering first through our blogs for a discounted rate. We'd love for you to follow us so you can see all the great new stuff!

Thanks for having us :)


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ready for more?

We are so excited to introduce you to our next designer, Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup!

“I am the luckiest girl on the planet! I am Barbara Jones of the QuiltSoup pattern company and I love what I do! I design fabric collections and patterns for original quilts that even beginners can make. I love appliqué and what it does for a quilt. I think it softens a quilt and provides a place for self expression when combined with traditional piecing.

You may have guessed that QuiltSoup specializes in appliqué for beginners. We use the needle turn method to make most of our samples but also carry several machine appliqué quilt patterns. We find that one can use any method of appliqué they prefer to make our quilts.

Some say our style is whimsical. That’s true, but I also think our quilts are clean. They are all original and, I hope, recognizable as QuiltSoup products. We like to have a little fun and to me, that means doing a block of the month. We have written 2 project books published by Kansas City Star that lend themselves nicely to a block of the month format.

Please enjoy our block design with our best wishes. And, by all means, stop by and say hello! We already have something in common….we all love quilts!”

The is a flower block made from our latest fabric line called “Cherry Fizz” for Henry Glass & Co (www.henryglassfabrics.com).

Here are some images from her upcoming line of fabric called "Over the River"

You can visit Barbara here:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We are so excited to introduce our first designer. Kristin is one of our fantastic designers. We are so excited to have her as part of our event. Here is a little bit about her:

Cute Quilt Patterns is just that…cute quilt patterns! I am obsessed with babies, flowers, rick rack, and all things cute. I try to focus on smaller projects, such as table runners and baby quilts, because with five young children, that is about all I can manage to complete.

All of the patterns I design are fun and quick to finish. Many of the patterns include “cheater methods” (please don’t pass that along to my kids…I always try to emphasize honesty with them) that make them go together quickly. My focus is on creating designs with dimension and embellishments that set them apart from other patterns…something that stands out! I have been feverishly working on some cute new patterns for Market, and I am excited to be able to share them with you!

You can see more about Kristin and Cute Quilt Patterns on her website www.cutequiltpatterns.com

and you can visit her at market at booth #236.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Designer spotlights

For the next little while we will be highlighting each designer that is participating in our event. This will give you a chance to get to know them and get you excited to meet them! The spotlights will start tomorrow, so be sure to come back and see!

Monday, March 7, 2011

More information....

First of all, let me apologize that the comments weren't working. I am hoping that the issue is resolved. If you would like more information and you cannot leave a comment, please feel free to contact me (Amanda) at thequiltedfish@gmail.com.

Secondly, I had someone request to know which of our fantastic designers would have a booth at market. Here is a list:

Cute Quilt Patterns, Kristin Roylance
Abbey Lane, Marcea Owen and Janice Liljenquist
The Quilted Fish, Amanda Herring
Gigi's Thimble, Amber Johnson
Pixie Girl Quilts, Ann Hansen
Quilt Soup, Barbara Jones
Pie Plate Patterns, Bonnie and Brenda Bailey
Chitter Chatter Designs, Cori Blunt
Quilt Story, Heather Andrus and Megan Jimenez
Freddies Friends, Ingrid Pinto
Scraps of Time, Janet Selck
Jina Barney Designz, Jina Barney (you can catch her at the Riley Blake booth)
Nellie's Needle, Karen Bennett
Fresh Cut Quilts, Kari Ramsay
Moose on the Porch, Konda Luckau
Rose Cottage Quilts, Laurie Bird
Lila Tueller Designs, Lila Tueller
Ribbon Candy Quilt Company, Margie Ullery
Mary's Cottage Quilts, Mary Cowan
RGA Designs, Renae Allen
Pine Mountain Designs, Sandra Workman
Izzy and Ivy Designs,
Thankfully Sew, Terry Griffin

Displaying at the Riley Blake booth
Samantha Walker
Emily Taylor
Shari Butler
Lori Holt

Can't wait to see you there!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hello, and welcome! We are excited to debut our fabulous and fun market event called All Dolled Up. This event will be a fun way for store owners to meet new designers AND enter to win wonderful prizes. Here are a few details about our event:

-This event is a booth hop! Gather a stamp from each participating designer (not all will have booths, so you will only need a stamp from the ones that do) and drop it into the box to enter to win!

-Each participating designer has created a paper doll block (we all used the same paper doll). These blocks are being combined into two fabulous quilts! The block instructions for each doll will be featured here on our blog. You will be able to download them and use them as much as you like. They are not copyrighted, so you can copy them. They are free patterns for you to enjoy!

-Riley Blake Designs (also a Utah company!) has kindly offered us fabric for the two quilts as well as precious booth space to display our quilts! Will will announce their booth number along with all of the other participants as soon as we know them. You will be able to plan your stops before you even get there!

-The designers are each contributing a prize! They will be fun things you will want to win like: samples of their designs, free patterns, fabric from their newest collections, etc.

-With over 30 prizes INCLUDING the TWO QUILTS!!! You won't want to miss out! The prizes are really great, but the best part about this is that you are going to see some wonderful new designers that you haven't already met and have the opportunity to catch up with some old friends.

-We will have lots of brochures (entry forms) to hand out, so don't worry that you will get left out. We will be handing out brochures at sample spree to all of the people waiting in line. If you don't get one there, stop by the Riley Blake booth and pick one up there!

We are excited to be bringing this event to you. We hope that it makes your market experience fun and enriching! Please let us know if you have questions!